In the evening of August 31.2022, we received feedback from a customer that the sterling silver material of the commemorative bracelet gift given by the MOOMNA brand at the end of December 2020 was not authentic. After receiving the feedback, we immediately set up an investigation team to check the relevant contract documents and manufacturers and put forward relevant inquiries to the suppliers. But the manufacturer has not responded yet.

What happened:

In December 2020, the MOOMNA brand specially ordered a batch of commemorative sterling silver bracelets to give back to our users as a thank-you gift in order to thank member users around the world for their support and trust. It is clearly indicated that the material used is 925 sterling silver, and the price is paid in full according to the silver price at that time. However, it seems that in the actual performance of the contract, the supplier is suspected of deliberately concealing or substituting products, causing our customers to question our integrity, and also causing the MOOMNA brand to suffer immeasurable losses. We have carefully reviewed every link in the gift giving process. We did not charge users any fees related to bracelet gifts during the whole process, but we are also deeply guilty and sincerely apologize to all MOOMNA member users. Since the MOOMNA brand was founded, it has always adhered to the tenet of creating high-quality products and treating people with integrity. This incident involves nearly 100 members and users from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Europe and the United States. For this reason, we have notified the involved users one by one through different contact methods and expressed our sincere apologies. We will make a profound reflection on this incident and continue to strengthen our consistent philosophy to better serve each of our customers.

We hereby announce and thank the users who provided us with information and all MOOMNA users for their tolerance and trust. All staff of MOOMNA brand deeply feel guilty and sorry for this incident!