MOOMNA sports cosmetics

MOOMNA sports cosmetics


MOOMNA sports cosmetics are a more professional branch of beauty, namely active ingredient beauty, which pays more attention to the effective proportion of natural plant-based active ingredients, from repairing skin barrier to deep skin nourishment, naturally improving skin health quality, and can be used in extreme The state allows the skin to be replenished in time, maintains the balance of water and oil at the skin level, deeply integrates, and is not easy to lose and spread, thus assisting the skin to maintain the micro-ecological balance from the inside out.


MOOMNA aims at the skin moisture loss, sweat retention, sunlight and other damage to the skin during high-intensity exercise and fitness exercise, strengthens the ingredients in the formula to repair and soothe the skin, and timely replenish the nutrients needed by the skin and maintain a healthy skin PH value. Sports cosmetics in the new century have become new fashion leader. The ingredients extracted from pure plants are more beneficial to our skin to absorb nutrients and maintain the skin’s micro-ecological health.